FGCB College Graduate

FGCB History

First Generation College Bound (FGCB) is a grassroots, private non-profit celebrating 30 years of success. The organization based in Prince George County, Maryland, has remained committed to investing in the development, growth, and wellness of children as it relates to higher education. From its inception in 1990, FGCB’s history has been richly grounded in creating relationships within the community with those who share and support the same vision as the founder, Joe Fisher.

Joe Fisher, a retired teacher of 35 years and a retired women's cross-country and track coach of 41 years, has a strong interest in helping youth and families achieve success with obtaining a college degree. This interest was a direct result of the mentoring, encouragement, and assistance he received as a youth growing up. Joe took his experiences to create FGCB and give students the opportunity to receive academic support, early identification of education and career goals, as well as sponsorship of individualized and personalized college access activities. In doing this, Joe spread the seeds of success throughout FGCB which has produced the fruits of a highly effective organization.

FGCB's current progress is revealed in the statistics below:

  • Students Who Have Entered College: 2,814
  • Total Alumni: 1,088
  • Associate Degree Graduates: 171
  • Bachelor Degree Graduates: 754
  • Master Degree Graduates: 149
  • Doctorate/PhD Graduates: 14
  • Students Currently Enrolled In College: 1,675
  • Students that Pursued Military Services: 37
  • Financial Aid Awarded To The Class Of 2023: $3.4 Million
  • Students From The Class Of 2023 Who Matriculated To Higher Education: 199
  • Students We Will Serve During The 2023-2024 Academic Year: 1,970