What People Say

Role model for the next generation

“I don’t think that I would be where I am now if FGCB hadn’t helped me. Being the first one in my family to go to a school like the University of Maryland, my family is very proud of me. I feel like I’m a role model for the younger generation. It makes me feel like if I have achieved what I have done so far, I can achieve more. Now I’m thinking about going to grad school.”

Cindy Cruz

–Daughter of El Salvadoran parents

Strongest advocates I’ve ever seen for students

“I have not worked with any person who is any more professional and more caring about the population he serves than Joe Fisher. Joe serves as a mother-father-sister-brother to all the students in his program. He’s called me late at night, he’s called me early in the morning. He’s one of the strongest advocates I’ve ever seen for students, not only in trying to get them admitted but also in trying to get them the financial resources to be able to go to school.”

Don Kiah

Former Bowie State University assistant vice president for enrollment management

Students that have beaten the odds

“Of all the graduations I attend, the one hosted by First Generation College Bound is the most moving. These are the students that have beaten the odds, followed their hearts, believed that they could become the first in their families to earn a college degree. For 20 years Joe Fisher and FGCB have been the North Star for many hundreds of kids, beginning in elementary school and staying with them through matriculation from college. You cannot help but support a program like FGCB!”

H. Walter Townshend II

President and CEO, Baltimore/Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce and FGCB board member

The teachers are wonderful

“The teachers at the (FGCB) Homework Club are wonderful. They helped my daughter, Ashley, a lot in subjects such as history. She brought her grades up to B’s, and now she’s receiving A’s. Ashley has gotten a full ride to McDaniel College.”

Cora Chase


Tremendous influence on our young citizens

“First Generation College Bound has had a tremendous influence on our young citizens in their efforts to improve the quality of their lives by continuing their education. Many of these young citizens would not have had the opportunity to go forward without the guidance and encouragement they have received from this valuable and worthwhile program.”

Craig A. Moe

Mayor of Laurel

Will get you towards your goal

“(Joe Fisher) was another father figure in my life. He invited me to chamber of commerce dinners with all these people who owned huge businesses. I’ve also watched him mingle with friends of mine who had problems paying rent, allowing them to stay in his house while they went to high school. What he was willing to do to make sure we got to that goal was just phenomenal.”

Reginald Black

–Marine Science Master’s Graduate at The University of Maryland Eastern Shore

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