What People Say

FGCB is Family

"First Generation College Bound has helped me monumentally, they have assisted me through much of the hardships I was having. They provided invaluable information about college that really educates the people involved. Many parents have not gone to college and many students are lost about the college process themselves which is part of the reason why some just do not attend and the ignorance about the college process just continues. I come from a single-parent household and my mom did not go to college. Although my father did, he is no longer around, which left us in a predicament. First Generation College Bound alleviated the stress that I felt. Their seminars have proven immensely helpful and they have greatly assisted me during my endeavors and because of them I am now in college and working hard to be the best that I can be so I can ultimately make those that believe in me proud, especially my mom. I could never forget the family that I have come to know and appreciate greatly, First Generation College Bound."

Michael Oye-Adeniran

– FGCB College Student attending Howard Community College


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