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Believed In Me When I Didn’t Believe In Myself

Lonnie Moore | Consultant IBM

Lonnie Moore

Consultant IBM

I met Mr. Fisher on a basketball court in Laurel, Md., when I was 16. He asked me how I envisioned my life after high school, what were my plans. No one in my family had received a four-year degree from a college. We were poor—I was one of several grandchildren raised by my late grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Smith. I just wanted to get by in high school and go to work. Mr. Fisher became my father figure—he still is today—and showed me the importance of an education: how it can generate career opportunities, give you life skills and give you pride in yourself. He helped me apply to Potomac State, a community college in West Virginia, and helped me get financial aid. Potomac State had on-site living, so I got away and met folks from different backgrounds. It was a great blessing.

Two years later I got accepted at the University of Maryland and Morgan State University, and I decided to go to Morgan State to play football. Mr. Fisher put his neck on the line for me many times, so I am trying to give back; I’m on the First Generation board of directors. We stay in touch, even though I’m on the road a lot traveling with my job. I’m not sure where I would be if Mr. Fisher had not been so persistent in his pursuit of me. There were times when I tried to run away, but he always pursued me. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Mr. Fisher and First Generation College Bound were definitely God-sent!

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