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Extremely Helpful In Assisting With The Planning Of My College Future

Loretta Thompson | Deputy Director of Programs, Sitar Arts Center

Loretta Thompson

Deputy Director of Programs, Sitar Arts Center

My parents had not gone to college, yet knew of my strong desire to attend and tried to help me in any way they could. I was approached by my mother about First Generation College Bound about mid-senior year and she connected me with Mr. Fisher who gave me some advice about financial aid among other things. He was extremely helpful in assisting with the planning of my college future. A year later I returned for yet more advice from Mr. Fisher about how to transfer colleges, and again he provided me with very helpful information. Through his support and the support of First Generation College Bound, I earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in 2003 from the University of the Arts and a master’s degree in arts management in 2007 from George Mason University. I now provide the same type of assistance to other young people who are considering college education. I believe that the efforts of First Generation College Bound were vital and the knowledge and care passed along go a far longer way than most would expect. The relationship I have developed with the First Generation College Bound family has extended past the college experience. I plan to continue my involvement with First Generation so I can give to others the encouragement and motivation to move forward that was given to me.

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