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An Encourager All The Way

Stefanie Lomax

Stefanie B. Lomax

CEO/HR Strategist, HRPro4You, LLC

I was a junior in high school when my mother attended a workshop Mr. Fisher put on. My parents both had attended college, but neither had graduated. Mr. Fisher later came by the house to talk to the three of us about the college application and financial aid process. He was extraordinarily knowledgeable. I had always wanted to attend North Carolina A&T, but when I applied, I got denied. I was devastated. Mr. Fisher contacted the dean of admissions and got me an appointment to meet with the dean in person. In the meantime, he had me enroll in a SAT prep workshop, which increased my SAT score 90 points. I submitted my application, went down to A&T and got accepted in the dean of admissions’ office. It was all because of Mr. Fisher. After I graduated from A&T, I worked for American Express, but after two years I realized I didn’t want to stay with the company in the capacity I was in. Mr. Fisher gave me wonderful advice about graduate school. I earned a master’s in human resource management in 2001 from the University of Maryland University College. Mr. Fisher was an encourager all the way through. He didn’t know me from Adam when he first met me, but over these 16 years he and First Generation College Bound have been a huge part of my professional and personal development.

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